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AlstraSoft AdTracker Pro


Cost (single license): $120 (with 1 year updates)

Language: CGI

Platform: Unix

Release: June 05, 2003

Current Version: v1.0

Last Update: June 05, 2003

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Product Overview

AdTracker Pro is a comprehensive and powerful ad tracking system, complete with a built-in membership system. With AdTracker Pro, not only can you track advertisements and sales but you can also sell memberships with our software and earn extra income with your own ad tracking business! AdTracker Pro is capable of tracking hits, as well as an unlimited number of sales and actions. This software provides the most comprehensive statistics available, on an unlimited number of campaigns. AdTracker Pro is perfect for tracking PPC listings, e-zine advertising, classified ads, joint ventures, link exchanges, viral marketing tactics and many more! AdTracker Pro is the perfect solution for people looking to start their own ad tracking business and earn profits or for your ad tracking needs!


How does Adtracker Pro work?


AdTracker Pro first analyzes your ads, links, joint ventures, etc... by precisely tracking every hit, sale, affiliate sign-up, opt-in list sign-up. It then shows you exactly where every hit came from, and then which hits resulted in a sale, new affiliate, or new subscriber to your opt-in list! You will then find which ads are making you the most money, and which ads are just barely surviving or even worse, loosing money.


Then by focusing more of your time and money into the ads that work, and dump those that don't work, you will dramatically increase your profits, while drastically lowering your cost at the same time!


Adtracker Pro also allows you to split run test different elements on your web site to see the effect they have on your visitors. Split run testing works by evenly spitting your traffic between two URLs, then tracking the results of each URL. This allows you as a marketer to test everything from headlines, to different colors, to closing statements. This feature alone will drastically increase your profits. In order to earn more money, you need to know what makes your visitors want to buy and once you know this, your website will become an unstoppable profit machine, that just keeps going!

What exactly can AdTracker Pro do for me or my members?

  • You can start your own ad tracking business in minutes and earn $$$ selling membership accounts!

  • Show exactly how many click-thru's were generated by each advertisement!

  • Reveal which ads are actually producing sales, affiliates, and list subscribers!

  • Find out which ads are ineffective

  • Effortlessly track an unlimited number of click-thru's from an unlimited number of campaigns!

  • Accurately track and analyze ROI, profit/cost per visitor, total profit for every campaigns!

As each campaign progresses, AdTracker will show the results in real time. If a campaign isn't producing the results you or your members desire, the campaign can be dropped and move on to the ones that do!

Key Benefits

  • Low operation cost
  • AdTracker Pro is host on your website so you do not need to pay monthly fees
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Earn money by starting your own ad tracking membership business
  • Offer value-added service to your existing customers!

Bonus AlstraSoft Software


You will receive a copy of AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro software worth $50 FREE with every purchase of AlstraSoft Autoresponder Pro.


Value: $50.00

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro is a complete web-based software that provides webmasters with the ability to redirect traffic based on geographic location of your visitors and view web site stats. With an user-friendly admin interface, all of these tools are at the webmasters disposal around the clock.


Its most unique feature is allowing webmasters to redirect their incoming traffic to other sites or URL's based upon IP address, Domains and Countries. For advertisers, geo-targeting allows advertisers to selectively target geographic audiences, adapt campaigns creatively to reflect geography, and deliver product or brands messages in a more contextually relevant environment. More Details >>




Perl 5 and above

Perl GD graphic module

MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
MYSQL module DBI & DBD
MYSQL database

.htaccess capabilities




  • Fast and easy to install
  • Runs invisibly entirely on your site!
  • Admin Control Panel
    • Mass mail all members
    • Ability to edit/view/delete members
  • Paypal integrated membership system
  • Built-in membership system
    • Registration form for new member signup
    • Password forget system. Emails member their password if they forget
    • New members must activate their account when they signup
    • A welcome email will be sent when a new member register for an account
  • 100% template driven. You can customize the look and feel of the layout using HTML
  • Member functions
    • With AdTracker Pro, members can track complete sales statistics, conversion ratios, affiliate sign-ups, opt-in list subscribers and much more!
    • Members can see how many click-thru's were generated by each advertisements
    • Members create unlimited campaigns
    • Ability to set how long each campaign last
    • Ability to set the type of campaign (monthly or pay-per-click)
    • Members can track and analyze ROI, profit/cost per visitor, total profit for every campaigns!
    • Members can perform split run testing
    • Members can edit their personal profile


Product Demo

Admin: http://www.alstrasoft.com/admin (admin username: admin, password: admin)


Member Login: http://www.alstrasoft.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi (username: test123, password: testtest)


Member Signup: http://www.alstrasoft.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi?content=register&session=0



Order Now

Cost: US$120 Item: AdTracker Pro (Single license + 1 year updates)