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AlstraSoft Anti-Spam Software

Start your very own Anti-Spam service in mins.

AlstraSoft Anti-Spam is the final solution that you will need to stop spam forever. There is nothing to download or install. Unlike other anti-spam solutions, AlstraSoft Anti-Spam prevents spam from ever reaching your inbox, regardless of how clever spammers become.

With AlstraSoft Anti-Spam, you can protect your family and children from pornographic e-mail! Lets face it. If you have an e-mail address, you WILL get spammed sooner or later. Remember this, you don't have to put up with these criminals. When you open your e-mail client it should be something you look forward to and not have to worry about the content these spammers trying to flood your inbox with SPAM!


Some internet users are so frustrated with SPAM, they often change their primary e-mail address. Wouldn't it be nice to know every time you open your e-mail, you see only legitimate messages?

In addition, you can start your own Anti-Spam Email business now withAlstraSoft Anti-Spam and start earning $$$ by offering anti-spam email solutions to your customers. AlstraSoft Anti-Spam has a built-in membership system that is integrated with Paypal payment system. Great for ISPs or companies offering web hosting and email services!


How does AlstraSoft Anti-Spam Software work?

AlstraSoft Anti-Spam is an extremely effective solution for blocking spam and junk mail.

When a new message is sent to you, AlstraSoft Anti-Spam determines if the sender is authorized to send you emails.

If the sender is authorized, the email is immediately sent to your inbox.

If the sender is blocked, the email is deleted and your inbox is kept spam free. If this is the first email from the sender, the email is held in a temporarily holding area on our website and the sender is sent an email with a verification link that he/she must click. The sender only needs to click the verification link once, and their email, and all future emails that they send you, will immediately be placed in your inbox. Keep in mind that 95% of spammers will never click on the verification link so you will never even see these spam emails. If, for some reason, the spammer does click on the verification link, you can simply block them in your members area and you will never receive email from them again.

There are several different ways AlstraSoft Anti-Spam filters your mail. Let's look at some different scenarios.


Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

Scenario 3:

What exactly can AlstraSoft Anti-Spam Software do for me or my members?

  • You can start your own Anti-Spam Email business and earn $$$ selling membership accounts!

  • AlstraSoft Anti-Spam is intended to reduce or completely get rid of unsolicited e-mail. For most people, unwanted e-mail solicitations and the growing volume of unwanted e-mail goes beyond frustrating and annoying. Any attempt by most people to stop this scourge of intrusions can be easily and cleverly defeated by spammers who constantly and successfully overcome programs that try to stop them. AlstraSoft Anti-Spam totally defeats any attempt made by these clever and unscrupulous people.

  • AlstraSoft Anti-Spam filtering is cheat proof. Spammers will be pulling their hair out wondering why their Spam sent to users keeps bouncing back at them! The only way a spammer can successfully send mail to users is by clicking the verification link, which 99.9 percent of spammers will not do. Once they do click the verification link, users have to simply block them in the control panel, making it impossible for them to send e-mail again.

  • AlstraSoft Anti-Spam provides many different ways to block unwanted e-mail therefore giving users total control of their e-mail

  • AlstraSoft Anti-Spam allows users to keep their primary e-mail. All that is required is to change a couple of settings in the e-mail client.

  • AlstraSoft Anti-Spam does not try to identify the spammers. We simply make it impossible for them to send their unwanted junk e-mail.

Anti-Spam Features
  • Profile Management
    You can change your profile whenever needed. For example, your contact information, email address, and password.
  • Email List Management 
    You have full control of who is allowed and not allowed to send you email. Email List Management will allow you the option of blocking anyone you wish. You can also add email addresses that you do wish to receive email from. By adding these email addresses to your 'Allow" list, these individuals will not have to click on the one-time verification link to send you email.
  • Filter List Management 
    This feature allows you to enter keywords of your choice. If a spammer clicks on the verification link, but he also has a blocked keyword in his email, his email is bounced right back to him. With Filter List Management, you simply enter words or phrases that you do not want delivered to your inbox. You have complete control of your inbox. You can configure your inbox to reject email by Subject, To, From or Body. If you receive an email that contains one of your Blocked Keywords, you have 3 options: 1) Allow the email to be delivered to your inbox. 2) Block the email. 3) Put the email in the Pending List so that you can review it, at your convenience.
  • >Pending Email Management 
    This is the temporary storage area where the email is sent if the sender does not click on the verification link. You can choose to either allow these emails to be delivered to your inbox or you can block them. If you block the email, you will never receive email from that address again. The email will be bounced if they attempt to email you again in the future.

Product Requirements
 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4 or higher)
 POP3 Server
 IMAP module
 Cpanel Webhost

Test Drive Anti-Spam Script

Admin Login:

(Username: admin, password: admin)

*(Some functions in the admin are disabled)


Member Login:

(Username: test, password: test)


Instructions for setting up on your email client:


Step 1 
Forward your current email address to Most ISP's have control panels that you can use to forward your email. If not, you will need to contact your ISP to do this for you.

Step 2
Change your settings in your email client as listed below:
User Name:
Password: test
SMTP: Your ISP's outgoing mail server*
* ask your ISP if you do not know what your SMTP server name is


Member Signup:

*(Member signups are disabled)