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AlstraSoft Domain Sponsors Pro

Domain Name Monetization Service Provider Software

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Domain Sponsors Pro is the ultimate domain monetization software which allows you to operate an online business just like

Domain Sponsors Pro enables you to operate a service which allows domain owners looking to get MAXIMUM REVENUES from domain traffic by displaying advertiser's PPC search engines, affiliate programs or targeted ad copy on their domain names.

Domain Sponsors Pro comes with a built-in domain owner and advertiser membership system which is integrated with Paypal and 2checkout so that you can receive funds from advertisers and send money to domain owners.

How does Domain Sponsors Pro work?

A Domain Owner registers for an account and sends a list of domains they wish to display the advertiser's ad. The Domain Owner earns money for every visitor he sends to the advertiser's URL.

Let's take a look at how Domain Sponsors Pro works by looking at an arbitrary domain:

1. The owner of the domain comes to you to look for an appropriate advertiser. 

2. The domain will be added to the system.

3. You will then estimate the average daily type-in traffic by analyzing its independent traffic statistics.

4. An email will be sent to the advertiser who would benefit most from the traffic based on the analysis and domain keyword data.  For the, visitors are looking for information about "marketing" so you will find advertisers who want these keyword related visitors. 

5. An advertiser joins the service, submits the URL they want the traffic to be sent to and takes a free 3 day traffic test.  

  • The advertiser can check how well their sales from the domain traffic is doing using the ROI tracking system.

  • The advertiser can also view traffic reports and the amount of money they have spent so far.

6. All traffic from is now redirected to the advertiser's site, ( is used as an example). Traffic redirection from the domain, can be done in 2 ways. One method is to on your server (Domain Parking). If the domain owner does not wish to host his domain on your server or if your server does not support domain parking, the domain owner can simply embed a HTML tracking code into the default site page.

7. The advertiser, for example funds his account securely through Paypal or by 2Checkout and pays only for every unique 24 hour type-in visitor to the site. Part of the funds the advertiser paid will go to the domain owner whose domain redirects to the advertiser's URL and the rest of the revenues will go to you.

8. If the traffic quality or ROI ever falls below that of Overture or Google Adwords for the same keyword, the advertiser don't pay. 

If finds that the traffic that is being sent from performs worse than the traffic he receives from Overture or Google Adwords, he simply does not pay, or you can lower his cost per type-in so that the traffic outperforms other advertising 

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Domain Sponsors Pro Features

Domain Owners Member Account Functions

View/Edit member profile

View/Search approved domains

Add new domain names

Get tracking code for all approved domains

Withdrawal of revenues earned through Paypal or Check

View/Search withdrawal history

Domain Statistics Report

  • View redirect statistics (date, domain name, amount earned and many more)

  • Comprehensive search function for domain statistics report


Advertisers Member Account Functions

View/Edit member profile

Domain Tracking Center

  • Get ROI tracking code to track sales

  • View ROI sales statistic (including total visitors, total buyers, date, IP and referrer)

  • Comprehensive search function for ROI sales statistic

  • Advanced options

Domain Reporting Page

  • View domain redirect statistics  (date, domain name, amount spent and many more)

  • Comprehensive search function for domain redirect statistics

Funding Area

  • Deposit funds through Paypal or 2Checkout

  • View/Search deposit history


Admin Functions

Template driven software, admin can edit the look and feel of layout using HTML codes

View/Edit/Delete member and admin accounts

View/Search/Add domain name requests from Domain Owners

Ability to accept/reject/delete domain name requests

Ability to email advertisers

Bulk Domains Area

  • Search/Add bulk domains

  • View domain details and ability to geo-target visitor locations (count all visitors or count visitors from North America/Europe/Asia only) for each domain.

Tracking Domains Area

  • Comprehensive search function for domain statistics

  • View domain statistics

  • Get tracking code for approved domains

  • Ability to associate approved domain names to advertiser's URL

  • View/Search advertisers ROI

Advertisers Funding Area

  • View/Search advertisers deposit history

  • Manually add a deposit to advertisers account

Domain Owners Funding Area

  • View/Search domain owners withdrawal history

  • Manually make a withdrawal from domain owners account

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $135
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: Jan 10, 2017
  • Current Version: 2.01

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       Lifetime License
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