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FlyAds Pro Software

Start your very own FlyAds Exchange Service Site in mins

FlyAds Pro is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet Marketing technology. With FlyAds Pro, you can start your own Fly-In Ad exchange service just like! Since most advertising methods such as pop-up advertising, banner advertising and email advertising are practically "worn out" (most people see them and ignore them), FlyAds Pro provides an unexpected, fresh type of ad that instantly grabs visitor's attention.

In addition, since the ad cannot be ignored (it must be physically viewed and closed before the web surfer can continue), it is hundreds of times more effective than any other form of advertising currently found on the net. Start your own turnkey Fly-In Ad exchange service with FlyAds Pro now!


How does FlyAds Pro works?

FlyAds Pro is a Fly-In Ad exchange software. Members will be able to drop a simple javascript code on to their web pages that causes Fly-In ads to be shown to any visitor that leaves their web site (FlyAds Pro shows the ads when visitors leave so it will never interferes with the operation of a member's web site).

Even if members do not own a web site, they can still earn credits by using FlyAds Pro "Link Cloaker" and promote their affiliate links.

Each time an ad is shown, members earn a credit which is redeemed automatically as their own Fly-In ads are shown on other people's sites (in a category members select, so it's targeted).

To provide maximum viral growth of your ad inventory, FlyAds Pro software features an unlimited-level downline structure, which means that if a member tells someone about it, and they tell some, and so on (10 levels deep or more), everyone in that network will be in the member's "downline." Just imagine with FlyAds Pro, your members could be earning over 2 million credits per week, thus driving a stampede of traffic to their site.


Why FlyAds Pro is the most efficient traffic exchange service?

  1. Fly-In Ads cannot be ignored.

  2. Fly-In Ads will instantly capture the immediate attention of your audience.

  3. Fly-In Ads do not interfere with the sales process of your web site at all.

  4. Fly-In Ads are only shown to targeted, interested prospects.

  5. Your FlyAds Pro Inventory virally grows itself so the traffic you get grows virally and 

  6. Fly-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers.

FlyAds Pro Features

Members page:


Sign Up

  • Unique email check

  • Unique IP check

  • Cannot proceed until agreed with terms & conditions

  • Required fields (email, name, password, country)

  • Welcome email send after sign-up completion

  • Automatic random password creation (sent by email after sign-up)


Lost Password - Sent by email


Members area:


Member Profile

  • Automatic IP change check

  • Modify profile option

  • Cancel account

  • Display number of affiliates (by level)

My Ad

  • Edit ad - Ad category/Ad title/The ad (Built-in html editor )

Javascript Code

  • List the javascript code that is needed to add on your site

Link Cloaker

  • If members do not have their own web site or if they do not have a way to drop the HTML code on to their web sites, they can promote affiliate web sites. Members can use the affiliate link cloaker to cloak their links.

  • Members can edit here the link

Tell My Friends - Members can email their friends directly from this page to tell them about this site



Admin page:



  • Edit email templates

    Welcome email

    Lost password email

    Edit default ad

Enable/disable sign-up bonus

Edit the sign up bonus value (in points)

Members List

  • Displays the total number of members

  • Search members by id, name, email, ip

Add Member

Mass Email

  • Send email to all/limited number of users

Affiliates Levels

  • Add/remove affiliate levels (FlyAds Pro supports unlimited affiliate levels)


  • Credit/debit users (in points)

Product Requirements
 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4 or higher)

Test Drive FlyAds Pro


(admin username: admin, password: admin)


Member Registration/Login:

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