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AlstraSoft Link Directory


Cost (single license):  $155 (with 1 year updates)

Language: PHP

Platform: Unix

Release: Jan 17, 2004

Current Version: v1.03

Last Update: Feb 07, 2004

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Product Overview

AlstraSoft Link Directory software is the perfect solution for starting a profitable link directory website just like HotScripts.com offering fully-featured directory of resources/links similar to Yahoo-style search engine. The flexibility of AlstraSoft Link Directory also allows you to manage any type of link directory.


AlstraSoft Link Directory is 100% template driven, completely customizable, easy to use and navigate, and is fully controlled by a integrated Admin Control Panel. AlstraSoft Link Directory also includes a number of unique features that make this link directory engine stand out from other similar products in the market.


AlstraSoft Link Directory stores detailed information containing links, categories and users in the database, including date, hits, votes, reviews, overall rating for every link, category and user. AlstraSoft Link Directory allows users to perform advanced search on all links and categories. AlstraSoft Link Directory displays top ranked, new and most popular links for every category.


Key Benefits


Revenue Generating

AlstraSoft Link Directory comes with an integrated banner advertising system so that you do not need to purchase additional 3rd party banner management software. With our banner advertising system, admin can add banner ads and set where the banners are displayed be it on all pages or specific categories.


You can also earn additional revenues when advertisers list their websites in your link directory as sponsored or features listings.


AlstraSoft Link Directory supports targeted advertising which means that the banners or paid links can be displayed on specific categories.


Template Based
One of the best features of
AlstraSoft Link Directory is that it is 100% template-based, meaning that the entire site's look and its output can be modified, customized and integrated into any web site with ease. In another words, you can customize AlstraSoft Link Directory in minutes and make it look like a part of your web site!


Advanced Admin Control Panel
AlstraSoft Link Directory Admin Control Panel allows you to configure and administer the Link Directory system with ease. With the advanced admin control panel, admin can easily manage categories, links (including paid links), banner advertisements (no need for additional banner ad plug-ins), members, reviews, templates, database systems and many more!


In addition, you can create new administrators to maintain the system and set their access privilege so that they can only access certain admin functions.


Language Modules

AlstraSoft Link Directory supports language sets allowing you to modify and translate the system output on the fly! With language modules, there is no need to modify existing code. Simply upload a new language module and it will be automatically configured for the use with the software!



No in-depth programming knowledge needed, just install, create categories and start earning money from sponsorships, featured listings, affiliate programs and banner advertising.


Setting up and managing a revenue generating link directory website just like HotScripts.com will be a 5 minutes task with AlstraSoft Link Directory.


Buy AlstraSoft Link Directory For Only $155 Now!




PHP (version 4.1.1 or higher)
MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
MYSQL Database




Directory Features

  • Link Directory is a 100% template driven software

  • Easy installation

  • A highly flexible and powerful link management system that allows you to manage a categorized database of links. Link Directory is also designed to run your own directory website like Hotscripts.com or Yahoo-style directory

  • Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories

  • Unlimited number of category levels

  • Integrated search engine. Links Directory comes with a sophisticated indexed search engine which offers both the traditional boolean search as well as AltaVista style search syntax. You can also search within categories, as well as search on specific fields.

  • New Listings: Allows viewing of all new records added to the Link Directory database by clicking on the "New Links" hot button. New links are sorted by categories
  • Most Popular Listings: Allows viewing of most popular listings which are sorted by categories and the ranking of the links in terms of number of hits are in descending order
  • Top Ranked: Link Directory offers visitors the ability to rate a record, and the highest rated listings will be displayed by clicking on the "Top Rated" link.
  • Integrated Review System: Links Directory comes with a built in review system allowing members to review a listing. Each listing will display member reviews and the overall rating of the listing based on the reviews.
  • Link Directory also allows anonymous visitor to vote for a listing and only daily unique votes are counted (to prevent fake voting).
  • Multi-lingual support

  • Link Listings
    • Title, URL, Category, Summary, Description, Author, Email and Listing Image fields (optional fields include download URL, version, platform, file size and price so that you can run a link directory website like HotScripts.com)
    • Detail pages for each resource
    • Each resource can have its own image which will be displayed for sponsored listings only
    • Recommend a link feature
    • Dead link/bug report notification function
    • Member review and visitor voting for each resource page
  • Built-in Sponsored Links system so that you can generate revenues from sponsorships, featured listings and affiliate links.

  • Banner Ads rotating system which allows you to generate additional income from banner advertising

User Features

  • Online member registration system. Members will received a confirmation email to validate their signup

  • Password forget system

  • View/Edit member settings

  • Members can modify or add a new link to the Link Directory database

  • Members can subscribe to the categories they wish to receive new and updated links

  • Members can submit reviews for any links

  • Ability to view validated links, links awaiting for approval, reviews submitted and subscriptions through the member account

Admin Features

  • Category Management
    • Creation of unlimited number of categories and sub-categories.
    • Creation of unlimited number of category levels.
    • Each category has its own description
    • Admin able to edit/delete categories
  • Link Management
    • Display links by Pending, Approved, Sponsored Only or display all links
    • Ability to add/edit/delete links
    • Advance search and sorting functions. Admin can sort by any fields.
  • Sponsored Links Management
    • Add/edit/delete sponsored links (Partner Links, Featured Links and Affiliate Links)
    • Display sponsored links by Pending, Approved or display all sponsored links
    • Advance search and sorting functions. Admin can sort by any fields.
  • Review Management
    • Ability to approve/reject/delete user reviews
    • Display reviews by Pending, Approved or display all reviews
    • Advance search and sorting functions. Admin can sort by any fields such as review date, review status, review author, link title, link ID, sponsorship type and many more!
  • Admin Management
    • Ability to add new administrators and set their access privilege
    • Ability to edit/delete current administrators
    • Search and sort admin by username or email
  • Member Management
    • Display members by Pending, Approved or display all members
    • Ability to edit/delete members
    • Advance member search and sorting functions. Admin can search members by username, user ID, email, location, registration IP and many more!
  • CSS Edit
    • Online editing of cascading style sheets which provide easy customization of all templates at one go
  • Banner Ad Management
    • Ability to add new banner advertisements. Admin can set where the banner is displayed - all pages, non-categorized pages or display on specific categories
    • Edit/Delete existing banner ads
    • View banner stats (number of clicks, number of times displayed and click-through rates)
    • Advance banner search and sorting functions.
    • Support for 3rd party banner ads software by simply adding its HTML codes into the Ad Placement templates
  • Template Management
    • Edit Page and Email Templates. Admin can edit ALL templates online through the Template Management System. Link Directory is 100% template driven - each template uses special tags for ease of customization.
  • Link Directory Settings and Options
    • Configuration of Link Directory software
    • Admin can edit the site name, set number of listings per page, number of search results per page, set date format and many more!
    • Admin has the ability to load language file
  • Newsletter Management
    • View all newsletters sent
    • Admin can create new templates for the newsletter
    • Ability to edit/delete newsletter templates
    • Send newsletter to all members and admin can load newsletter template with a click of a mouse
  • Database Maintenance
    • Create database backup
    • Restore database from backup
    • Database optimization


Product Demo

Admin: http://www.alstrasoft.com/links/admin (Username: scripts, Password: password)

*(Some functions in the admin are disabled)


Main Page: http://www.alstrasoft.com/links

Member Signup:

Member Login:



Order Now

Cost: US$155 Item: Link Directory (Single license + 1 year updates)