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AlstraSoft Live Support Software

Enterprise Level Live Support Provider Application

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AlstraSoft Live Support is a PHP based customer live help software which allows you to run a profitable e-business offering professional remotely hosted live customer support service for your members just like PHPLiveSupport and LivePerson.

AlstraSoft Live Support provides real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your member's site. With Live Support, members can truly provide human interaction to visitors by allowing them to close a sale, provide web-based live chat or simply answer any questions customers may have. Live Support also features an automated payment membership system so that members can pay for your live support service using or payment gateway.


Key Benefits For Your Members


Provide Support
Customer care is always important, and in some cases it can be the deciding factor for potential customers. With AlstraSoft Live Support, members can provide real-time assistance by providing live help and 1 on 1 support for their customers. Members do not need to be in the office to answer phone calls or worry about not being able to provide live support when they are on a business trip. Members can therefore build customer loyalty and provide extra attention to their visitors.

Boost Sales
When dealing in sales, human interaction can go a very long way. While browsing a member's site or products, a visitor may have questions before making a purchase. With Live Support, members can answer those questions in real time and visitors do not need to leave the web site or pick up a phone. Members can then achieve higher sales revenues and keep them ahead of competitors.

Reduce Costs
Some of the major costs of running a business include phone, fax, and staff. With Live Support, members can reduce cost of providing customer support and divert their investments in other areas.

Monitor Traffic

AlstraSoft Live Support has a built-in traffic monitoring system which enables members to know how many visitors are there on their website at the moment, capture visitor data such as browser info, IP, host and even where they came from. Members can then gain a better understanding about their website traffic.

Proactive Sales

Why wait for visitors to request support when members can proactively assist them? With a click of a mouse, members can automatically open a chat window on visitor's computer and provide support or close a sale!


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Live Support Software Features

Live Chat Functions

Provides true online live support to visitors or use it as a real time marketing software

Allow visitors to initiate a new web chat session from a webpage

Visitors can leave a message if there is no live support available

As soon as one of the parties leaves the live chat the other party is notified

Sound notification of live support requests

E-mail notification of live support requests

Auto save transcripts

Capture visitor data which includes browser info, IP, referral URL, time of visit and host

Live Support can display support status either in image or text form in the website

New! Members can now track visitors as they visit the site and initiate a new chat with them. With a click of a mouse, members can open a chat window on visitor's computer and provide support or close a sale!

New! Predefined survey allows members to push a survey form to visitors and they can gather important feedback, comments and critical survey data from visitors


Member Functions

Member registration system

Full support for Paypal and payment gateway

Automated payment system

Password recovery system

Member Settings

  • View credit balance and transaction stats

  • Generate HTML links for Live Support status icons or text link

  • Change password

  • Edit the header and footer of Live Support web chat window

  • Edit Time zone so that it matches the member's time zone

  • Edit system settings such as name of site, email address for notification, font size, play sounds and automatic session expiration

  • Real time daily stats showing the number of visitors, total chat request and total visitors online now

  • View visitor data such as browser info, IP, referral URL, time of visit and host

  • Members can view the chat history of all visitors by viewing the saved transcripts of each chat session

  • Ability to search saved transcripts by keywords

  • View survey results of each visitor

  • Real-time chats - View all visitor chat requests. AlstraSoft Live Support also supports multiple chat sessions

  • View the visitors that are currently online and members can initiate chat or push survey to these visitors

  • Create predefined responses so that members can quickly access them during live chat sessions and providing visitors with instant answers

  • Add/Edit/Delete predefined surveys


Admin Functions

View/Edit members (admin can also add or deduct funds from their accounts)

Add new members

Search members by username or email

Mass mail all members

Change admin username and password

Ability to set the registration fee and the type of payment (one-time or recurring)

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $99
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: Feb 28, 2017
  • Current Version: 1.23

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