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AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro


Cost (single license): $50 (with 1 year updates)

Language: PHP

Platform: Unix

Release: Dec 2, 2003

Current Version: v1.02

Last Update: Mar 3, 2004

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Product Overview

Do you know where your Internet visitors are coming from?


How can you market your site successfully when you do not know who is visiting your site, where they are going, or where they came from?


In today's competitive marketplace, it is no longer good enough to simply put up your website, sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Knowing where you visitors are coming from is essential in maximizing the profits coming from your traffic.


We all spend time and money marketing our sites, but without knowing the geographic profile of your site traffic, that effort could be wasted. 

Careful analysis of where your visitors are coming from can give you lots of marketing ideas, and also help you determine which ones live up to their promise. 


AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can accurately identifying the geographic location from which visitors access web sites and the network origin of the visitors request can allow you to garner more revenue, as you are able to serve and exit a more targeted experience. By providing a solution that allows you to target traffic on a global basis will allow you to maximize every hit. Websites are more meaningful if they’re tailored to local interests and this guarantees that visitors will always get relevant content or opportunity.


By detecting the geographic location of a visitor you can assign default languages and payment methods. If your online store is not capable prepared of handling all types of e-commerce payment methods available globally than you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential  income. As we know, not all online buyers purchase online using credit cards and there are a variety of other payment alternatives. Language can be specified and you can either assign non-English speaking visitors to a default sponsor who provides translated web page options or provide your own customized page!


The result is the ability to get a particular hit, through content and a transaction sequence that is optimized for their region. With the Internet’s growth in locations such as Asia, this will continue to serve as a necessity for those who wish to provide a truly scalable service to themselves and their affiliates.


What is AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro?


AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro is a complete web-based software that provides webmasters with the ability to redirect traffic abased on geographic location of your visitors and view web site stats. With an user-friendly admin interface, all of these tools are at the webmasters disposal around the clock.


AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro most unique feature is allowing webmasters to redirect their incoming traffic to other sites or URL's based upon IP address, Domains and Countries. This allows webmasters to promote their services and products in different countries where they have specific distribution and service capabilities in different countries. For advertisers, geo-targeting allows advertisers to selectively target geographic audiences, adapt campaigns creatively to reflect geography, and deliver product or brands messages in a more contextually relevant environment. Hence, our software enables you to perform specific targeting, filtration, and redirection of visitors to various URL's, sponsors, or affiliates that more closely match the traffic you are receiving.

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro is completely written in PHP and uses MysSQL Database, this gives it the flexibility to run on types of UNIX system.


Why Do I Need To Redirect My Traffic?


There are many various reasons a webmaster maybe choose to redirect their traffic to another site or URL below are a few examples.

How would you like to be able to try out a few different tour pages on your site and be able to see which one works the best for you?
That's pretty simple with AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro. You simply enter the URL's you want to redirect traffic to (different tour designs on your site), choose the domains you want to redirect (could be anything from anyone coming from .com to very specific anothersite.com or various countries such as a tour created for a specific country), and track your stats to see which tour design suits your visitors.

How would you like to be able to send specific traffic from certain domains to other URL's or sites?
Let's say you are getting lots of traffic from China and you have a multilingual web site. Instead of having them go to the main site and click the language they want, you can use AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro to directly send them to page with Chinese content.

This is done very easily with AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro, simply enter the URL you want to send your traffic to, select the country and all traffic coming from China will be redirect to a URL of your choice.

I have lots of traffic. How can I generate an extra income with AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro?

The majority of online companies selling products or services will have affiliate programs set up to pay affiliates for sending them traffic or for referring sales. This is a good way to maximize the profit potential of your traffic coming into your site

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro also comes with a built in statistics function that tracks and reports information about your visitors. This will allow you to gauge what traffic to send to which affiliate or sponsor by niche or regional targeting.

For example, let's say you run a pay site that only accepts credit cards or Paypal payment and customers from Asia either do no use credit cards often or your billing service will not accept the foreign transaction. You can then redirect them that come to your site from that specific region to another site that has billing options they can use or prefer.


As we all know traffic is one of the major keys to the success of a web site and being able control that traffic is another victory to gain more sales and income.



AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro Pays for its self in a matter of no time and gives you complete control over your traffic and what you want to do with it.



PHP (version 4.1.1 or higher)
MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
MYSQL Database




AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro is more than just a redirection program, it also provides webmasters with a web based stats program that tracks:

  • Number of Hits display

  • Unique # of Hits display

  • Number of Hits of users with/without cookie support

  • Number of Hits of users with/without JavaScript

  • Number of Hits Java Enabled/Disabled

  • Browser Stats (list of hits from various browsers)

  • Screen Size stats (Screen Size and Resolution)

  • Operating Systems stats (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Countries Stats(# of hits of users from which country)

  • Daily Stats (# of raw and unique hits per hour for that day)

  • Weekly Stats (view the stats for any day for that week)

  • Monthly Stats (# of raw and unique hits per month)

  • Referrers Stats (view referring URLs to your site)

  • View the IP/Host of your users

Other Features Includes:


Random Redirect
This allows webmasters to enter up to a maximum of 5 URL's that AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can choose at random and hence allowing webmasters to try out a few different sites to redirect visitors. This can be very helpful especially in judging which sites sell the best and which ones that don't.


Multiple URL Redirect
This unique features enables you to redirect not only 1 web page but unlimited number of web pages unlike our closest product competitor, AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro which allows you to redirect only 1 page. So you can fully utilize our geo targeting capabilities only your website.

Low CPU Overhead
Our software is written specifically to handle thousands of request and keep a low CPU load.


No Need To Download Database Regularly
Unlike our closest product competitor, AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro, there is no need for you to download the IP database regularly and at the same time, our software can still detect new IP addresses.


Low Cost
You can now get your very own copy of AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro software for your website and manage your website traffic like a pro for only $50



Product Demo

Click here to test drive our AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro system now.


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Cost: US$50 Item: Geo Redirect Pro (Single license + 1 year updates)