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SMS Text Messaging Enterprise

Offer SMS Service Solution

Finally! An EASY TO RUN Business with such TREMENDOUS VIRAL Marketing power that will EASILY TRIPLE BLAST your online revenue within a few months!

Viral marketing? This might sound skeptical to many of you who are constantly exposed to countless truckload of internet marketing materials or products offered by these internet marketing gurus. To start off, SMS Text Messaging Enterprise is NOT a form of internet marketing and neither is it an internet marketing related product. However, if you are a completely new to online business or an existing site owner who is just not satisfied with your current earnings BUT wishes to multiple your income by doing almost nothing, please read on and if not you are free to close this page and continue surfing the net for more junk internet marketing stuff and pray hard that you can profit from it.

What exactly is SMS Text Messaging Enterprise?

AlstraSoft SMS Text Messaging Enterprise is essentially a free SMS text messaging provider that allows your members to send free international sms messages to anyone and also allow them to mask their mobile phone number. Now you might be asking how can you earn profits by providing free sms text messaging service? The core features of SMS Text Messaging Enterprise allows you to build a sustainable business model and here's why:

 Practical usage for your members by giving them a REAL reason to ultilize your service.

 Little or no advertising or promotion required. All you need to start with is just a small group of active users. In fact we do not even recommend you to spend time of search engine optimization (SEO) to get higher search engine results unless you have the technical know-how.

 This system is built to expand your member base through the work of your existing member network. Only a small group of active users is all you need to jump start this new business and just remember for now that you will get paid for each new member that register for an account just by sending free SMS messages and continue reading to see how easy and profitable it is with our SMS Text Messaging Enterprise.

What can you offer for your members?

Needless to say, to have a sustainable business model, you must offer something of immediate use to your members and not something which leaves you members wondering if they will certainly benefit from taking up your offer or even registering for a free account. This is a distinction SMS Text Messaging Enterprise offers unlike those "so-called" GET PAID TO _____ schemes which makes people wonder if it is even a real deal in the first place. With SMS Text Messaging Enterprise, here is what you can offer:

  • Send free sms to anyone

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Send 100% anonymous - spoofed messages! Senders can mask their mobile phone number and may enter anything they wish, like numbers or characters to fool their friends, send secret admirer messages, anonymous tip-offs and so on.

  • Create address book and send bulk messages

  • Unicode support so that you users can send messages in any languages

  • User-friendly interface, even your grandma can use it

  • plus many more!

How does SMS Text Messaging Enterprise works?

As mentioned previously, SMS Text Messaging Enterprise is a unique PHP based software solution that allows your members to send free SMS messages.

Members who signup will:

 Receive 1 free sms credit or any amount you wish to offer

 In order to receive additional SMS credits, members will need to complete offers, registrations or participating in any online activities with that companies that you partner with. Now compare this with those GET PAID TO _____ schemes and see for yourself which one sounds more credible and offers your members an instant call for action to sign for a free account.

 Receive extra SMS credits for referring friends to signup for a free account (each account is limited to 1 mobile phone number)

 Be able to use SMS credits to send free sms messages to anyone in the world

Q: Now you must be wondering how will a free SMS service provider benefit from this?

As a site operator using our SMS Text Messaging software:

 You will offer SMS credits to your members when they complete online surveys, reading email and participating in other online activities offered by your partnering companies which pay you for every member or lead you send to them. Most of these companies pay between $1-2(or even more) per lead.

Site operators can signup with the affiliate programs that these companies offer through existing affiliate networks such as or or with any individual company that offers you a commission when you send your members to their website.

 Signup for an account with ClickATell which is a bulk SMS gateway provider that is integrated into our SMS Text Messaging system so that you can offer SMS messaging service to your members. ClickATell offers one of the lowest rates in the market which allows you to purchase SMS at wholesale prices. For each SMS message sent by your members, it will cost only US$0.056.

To complete the picture of how this entire system works, the site operator will earn $5 for each member (assuming that a member completes 5 offers with each company paying $1 per lead) and for each completed offer the member will receive 1 SMS credit therefore the net profit per member will be:

 $5-(0.056X6) = $4.66 [including cost for 1 free SMS credit/member signup]

While this amount may seem unappetizing for some of you, the tremendous viral marketing effect when your existing members refer their friends or family to signup for an account in order to get additional free SMS credits (keepiing in mind that this business offers a practical usage and not some junk offers or schemes that your members will not even know if they will eventually receive their rewards).

Below is a sample illustration of how our system can easily triple blast your online income. It certainly does not take a math genius to figure this out

On this example every member refers 10 people and each member expense you have to pay will be $0.056X6= $0.336 (for 5 completion of offers which the site operator is paid $1 per lead)
Members Total Referrals Total Expenses Gross Income Net Profit
1 1X10 -$0.336 $5.00 +$4.66
10 10X10=100 -$3.36 $50.00 +$46.64
100 100X10=1000 -$33.60 $500.00 +$466.40
1000 1000X10=10K -$336.00 $5000.00 +$4664.00


The above illustration is an example only and no way constitutes what you will make in this program. You may make more or less, depending on the number of companies that you work with and the free sms credits offered to your members.

We are not going to give you unrealistic figures but based on above illustration, this will be an example of a net profit you will get every month with ONLY a small number of active users which can be easily obtained with little or no advertising! For larger sites or existing business owners, you can easily do the math based on your current web traffic and you can see that a 5-6 figure monthly income is not something that is unreachable.

Q: How can I know when a member completes an offer and ensure that a SMS credit is sent to his account?

Good question. The company which you partner with (usually from affiliate networks) will provide you with a tracking URL which will identify the member that completes the offer or the site operator will provide members with specific instructions (such as using their usernames or emails) such that the company you are working with will know the members which you referred to them.

Members in turn will have their SMS credits deposited into their account in the following ways:

  1. Sponsor accounts will be provided for the partnering companies to login and batch process the members who completed the offers on a regular basis

  2. These partnering companies can also provide the site operator with the list of approved members who completed the offers for you to manually batch process.

Once batch processing is done, the members will automatically have the SMS credits deposited into their accounts. Simple as that!

Sounds like a great product! But wait, how much does it cost?

The single license of SMS Text Messaging Enterprise will cost $400 and in order to keep this offer exclusive, only 150 65 licenses will be sold and once we have reached this target,  this offer will be closed, period. This is to ensure that the market will not be over saturated with similar sites offering free sms messaging service.


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Groupon Clone Enterprise Features

User-end Functions

Users can test the service by sending a test SMS message to their mobile phone number

Unicode support to send messages in other languages

Each member registration will require a valid phone number as the activation code is sent through SMS in order to activate the account

Referral link for each member to refer new members to signup

Quick Stats showing total clicks for the referral links and the number of free credits for referral signups

Ability to edit member profile account

Create favorite/group contact list

Members can create an address book and assign contacts to their favorite or group list

Ability to send individual SMS message or send bulk messages from their favorite/group contact list

View SMS history and members can export the SMS history messages to a CSV file

Ability to purchase additional SMS credits through paypal

Free SMS credits section for members to complete offers, registration or surveys in order to receive extra SMS credits

Sponsor Account

Ability to batch approve members and set the SMS credits which will be deposited into the member's account. Sponsors can also set if the batch process requires admin approval

View sponsor account details

View approval history

Admin Functions

Member Management

  • Edit/delete/view member accounts

  • Search for members by Username, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, City, Country or Mobile Phone

Mass Mail

  • Send text or HTML mass emails

  • Ability to send targeted mass emails based on countries

SQL Backup

  • Ability to download MySQL database backups

News Management

  • Add/edit news or announcements which will be shown to members when they log into the account

Site Configuration

  • Edit system configurations

Credits Management

  • Ability to manually add/deduct SMS credits from member(s) account

FAQ Manager

  • Ability to add/edit/delete faq questions

Admin Manager

  • Ability to create multiple admin accounts to manage the backend operations

Sponsor Management

  •  Add/edit/delete sponsor accounts

Package Manager

  • Admin can create custom payment plans for members who wishes to pay for SMS credits

Approval List

  • Admin can view the list of pending batch processes to be approved/denied. Only approved that are members will have the free SMS credits deposited into their account

Approval History

  • View the list of batch processes that have been approved

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
 mbstring module (optional for sending unicode SMS)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $400
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux
  • Last Update: Mar 10, 2017
  • Current Version: 2.12

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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