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How does EPay Enterprise IPN (Instant Payment Notiifcation) works?
Description for all fields which you can use:
For successful payment process you should use next parameters:

username - your username
product - product ID or name
action - use "product" if this product is pre-defined
use "donation" if this is donation payment
use "subscription" if this product is subscription
use "payment" if this is simple payment transaction
price - price of product, $
quantity - quantity
period - subscription rebilling period, days
trial - trial period, days
setup - setup fee, $
tax - tax fee, $
shipping - shipping fee, $
ureturn - return URL
unotify - notify URL
ucancel - cancel URL
comments - product description
Additional information:

After successful payment process system will forward buyer to your site
and some parameters will back to your script by the POST method:

action - type of transaction (product/donation/subscription/payment)
pid - internal product ID
pname - product name
buyer - buyer username
total - total amount
quantity - quantity
comments - buyer notes
referer - system referer URL (

You can get this parameters by the global POST variable,
e.g. $_POST[--VARIABLE-NAME--]...