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Template Seller Pro Software

Create your very own in mins - Sell online templates and web designs on your website

Ever thought of starting your very own profitable template store selling templates just like With AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro software, you can start your own online store selling templates such as website templates, logo templates, flash intro templates, frontpage templates, CV templates, dreamweaver templates and flash templates. The flexibility of AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro software also allows you to run a membership based templates business just like by offering paid members multiple templates download instantly! Our software not only allows you to sell templates but also other digital goods such as albums, photographs and many more using our built-in membership system!

AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro is a shopping cart combined with a membership based software the runs exactly like and online store and it is 100% automated and requires no maintenance on your side other than adding new templates. Template Seller Pro has a Paypal and 2Checkout integrated shopping cart payment system which allows your customers to purchase templates using Paypal or 2Checkout and download templates instantly! For members, they will be able to pay for their membership subscription via Paypal. Our software also features a fraud protection system which will prevent any fraud attempts to download a template illegally.

AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro also has a built-in affiliate and designer management system. You can now start your own affiliate program and earn more profits when affiliates refer customers to your web site and purchase the templates. The designer management system allows you to hire web designers on-the-fly. Designers submit their work (such as logos and templates) through their account and the admin will review their work and approve them in the Admin Control Panel. Designers will be paid based on commissions whenever a customer purchase their templates and designers can view detail stats and reports in their account.

How does Template Seller Pro work?

To purchase a template, customers can either view all templates or search for templates by designer, template ID, category, price range or keywords and select the template they wish to purchase.

The customer clicks on the "View" link of the template and a pop out window will appear displaying information about the template. Customers have the option of making a unique or non-unique purchase through the Template Seller Pro shopping cart system.

What is the difference between unique and non-unique purchase?


Non-unique purchase means that other customers can buy the template the current customer has chosen some time later.


Unique purchase guarantees that the current customer is the last person to buy the selected template. After an exclusive purchase occurs when the template is being permanently removed from the Template Seller Pro database and will never be available to other customers again.

The customer then clicks on the purchase link to buy the template. The customer will be brought to a payment page to buy the template using Paypal or Once payment is done, Template Seller Pro will automatically create a unique download link and send it to the customer through email for download. If the customer made a unique purchase for the template, Template Seller Pro will then remove that template from the store's database.

Customers can also opt to become paid members and they can choose a selected range of templates sorted by categories and download them instantly! The admin can define the templates which only paid members can download so as to keep the individual templates outside the membership system unique.

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For a limited time only, with every purchase of Template Seller Pro we will give you 50 professionally designed photoshop templates with resell rightsabsolutely FREEYes that's right, 50 photoshop templates with resell rights. This will be included in our Template Seller Pro software package and you can truly start your very own online store business within minutes with the collection of 50 premium templates for sale to your customers.

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Template Seller Pro Features

General Functions

Ability to sell individual templates just like

NEW You can also sell membership subscriptions allowing members to download multiple templates.


End-User Functions

Ability to search templates by designer, template ID, category, price range or keywords

Display all templates

Each template has its own preview page which displays information such as: preview images for index page, content page and flash preview. In addition, the preview page shows detail information that includes template ID, author, category, template type, format available, purchase price and unique price

Automated template download link system. Template Seller Pro is programmed in a way that it is 100% automated and requires no maintenance on the admin side other than adding new templates. Customers purchase the template of their choice using Paypal or 2Checkout and once payment has been made, Template Seller Pro will automatically create a unique download link and send it to them through email for download. If customers made a unique purchase for the template, Template Seller Pro will then remove that template from the database

NEW You can also run a membership based templates site just like and once a member has paid for the membership subscription via Paypal, the member will be able to download templates instantly [Demo]

Features a fraud protection system to prevent any fraud attempts to get the template illegally

Customers can submit testimonials which will be reviewed and approved by the admin [Demo]

Customers can contact the admin directly through the online contact form page [Demo]

Online FAQ database system. Customers can browse through the list of FAQs sorted by categories [Demo]


NEW Member Functions

Members have the ability to download templates by category just like membership system

Ability to edit member info


Affiliate Functions

View affiliate commission for the current month

View pending commission

Modify personal info

Get affiliate HTML links


Designer Functions

View active templates

View pending templates for approval

Upload templates for approval

View real-time commission stats - Provides detail commission statistics for designers which includes: current month commission, pending commission, total gain and commission received

Modify personal info


Admin Functions

Affiliates Administration

  • Show all affiliates

  • Approve new affiliates

  • Give/Show commission

  • Suspend/Delete affiliates

  • Add/Remove money

  • Reactivate suspended affiliates

  • Mail all affiliates - Mass mail all affiliates


Designers Administration

  • Show all designers

  • Approve new template - Approve the templates your designers submitted so that they will be listed on Template Seller Pro website

  • Give/Show commission

  • Add/Remove money

  • Change info of designer

  • Mail all designers - Mass mail all designers


NEW Members Administration

  • Show all members

  • Add new members

  • Mass mail all members

  • Add/Remove templates for members


FAQ Administration [View FAQ]

  • Add/Remove FAQ category

  • Add new FAQ

  • Edit FAQ


General Administration

  • Change Admin Info - Modify admin's personal info

  • Add/Remove new template type - Add new template type (example: Website Templates, Flash Intro Templates, Logo Templates etc)

  • Add/Remove new category - Add/remove categories in each template type

  • Add New Template - Upload templates (in zip/rar format) and preview images. Admin also has the ability to set the buy price/unique price, keywords and set it as featured template. Template Seller Pro thumbnail resizer function will automatically create a thumbnail preview image of the template.

  • Remove Template

  • Edit Template

  • General Message

  • Monthly/General Report - Display General Reports which includes: number of affiliates/designers/templates, total templates sold and templates sold by affiliates, total price of templates and total affiliate/designer commission. Monthly reports includes: total affiliate/designer signups, total templates added, total templates sold and templates sold by affiliates, total price of templates, total affiliate/designer commission and net profit/loss.

  • Any Day Report - Admin can view real-time report for a given range of dates

  • All Approved Testimonials - View testimonials

  • Testimonials For Approval

Product Requirements
 MySQL (version 4 or higher)
 PHP (version 4 or higher)
 ImageMagick (optional)

Test Drive Template Seller Pro

Admin: (Username: admin, Password: password)

*(Some functions in the admin such as changing of admin info are disabled)


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