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AlstraSoft Text Ads Enterprise


Cost (single license): $200

  Or buy at 87% OFF

Language: PHP

Platform: Unix

Release: Apr 20, 2012

Current Version: 2.1

Last Update: Apr 20, 2007

Product Features

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Product Overview


AlstraSoft Text Ads Enterprise is a Text Ads Network script that allows you to start your very text ads business just like Adbrite.


With Text Ad Enterprise, you can run a profitable online business that provides a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell text ads on their own websites.


Why Text Ads Advertising?


Why do Google Adsense and Adbrite continue to thrive? We have seen many online advertising models and why do text link ads advertising continue to be a sustainable business model amid the growing internet usage with more users going online surfing sites like Youtube, MySpace as well as on other sites?


The plain reason is because Text Ads are more effective than flash, graphics-based and novelty ads. Web users have long exhibited strong banner blindness or avoid anything that looks like an advertisement. Text ads don't resemble the designs that people have trained themselves to screen out, and the resulting visibility contributes to the success of contextual advertising


Website owners can maximize their online revenues from their social networking websites running E-friends and Video Share with Text Ads advertising.


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You have not heard wrongly! For a limited time only, we are offering a complimentary copy of our Text Ads Enterprise software with every new purchase of our E-friends and Video Share Enterprise software to unleash the full potential of text ads advertising on social networking sites as well as starting your own profitable Text Ads Network just like AdBrite.com


To start, simply click on the order button below to purchase either one of the software listed above to get your free Text Ads Enterprise software






Publisher Functions

  • My Earnings - Allows the publisher to see how many ads they have sold and how much money they have made.
  • Set Ad Rates and Settings - This is where the publisher creates their ad products. They can also change the setting for their ads.
  • Approve / Reject New Advertisers - As well as being emailed, the publisher can approve or reject new text ads direct from within their account.
  • Live Ad Stats - The publisher can view a variety on live stats for text ads that are running on their websites right now.
  • Payment History - The publisher can view current and past months and look at payments that were sent to them for text ads they have sold.
  • Update Website Details - The publisher can update details about their websites here, including tags, website address, description and name.
  • Update Account Details - The publisher can update account details, such as passwords, payment methods, address details and email address.
  • Ad HTML Code Editing - This feature allows the publisher to change the way the text ad they sell look on their website. The publisher can easily change text and border colors and then just simply copy the updated HTML code onto their website.
  • Further Promotion - The publisher can easily pay for extra promotion of the text ad network websites homepage.
  • Network Ads - The publisher can choose to show 'Networks Ads' on their websites if they haven't already sold any ads direct for their site. The publisher is paid for this.
  • Newsletter - The publisher can easily subscribe and un-subscribe for the text ad networks newsletter from within their control panel.
  • Email Contact - If the publisher sells an ad they are instantly emailed asking them to accept or reject the new ads.

Advertiser Functions

  • Current Ads Running - The advertiser can view the text ads they have bought. From here they can also edit any live ads. This page also allows the advertiser to view any of their ads that were rejected. If an advertiser has an text link ad rejected, the money they spent on it, is added to their account balance.
  • Buying Ads - The advertiser can search for places to advertise on, by using the 'Browse' feature, or by using the search engine. The advertiser may also see the 'Your Ad Here' link direct on the publishers website.
  • Live Ad Stats - This page allows the advertisers to see live stats for any ads they have bought and that are running right now.
  • Detailed Ad Stats - This feature is quite similar to the 'Live Ad Stats' feature, but this feature allows the advertiser to view stats for past ads they have had that have now ended.
  • Purchase History and Account Balance - This feature allows the advertisers to see exactly how much they paid for each text ad and also when the ads were purchased and when the ads started. The advertiser can also view their account balance here.
  • Newsletter - The advertiser can easily subscribe and un-subscribe for the text ad networks newsletter from within their control panel.
  • Automatic Ad Restart - When the advertisers ads end, and email is sent to them. From here they can choose to have the ad start again straight away.

Admin Functions

  • Quick Tips - This feature allows you to put tips on every page. The tips rotate, and you can also have links in the tips.
  • Category and Sub Categories - From this feature, you can add, edit and delete categories and sub categories.
  • Website Stats - Get interesting stats on how your website is performing. Stats include, 'Ads Sold Today', 'Registered Members' and Earnings, plus much more.
  • Newsletter Control - With this feature you can send out newsletters to people who have registered, either through their accounts or by using the signup form found on most pages of the website. You can view past newsletters that you have sent out and see how many people that newsletter was sent to. You can also, view, add, edit and delete email address' from your list.
  • Featured Retailers - This features allows you to have control over publishers who have decided to pay you a monthly fee, to be featured on the homepage of your website.
  • Money Page - This is where you control payments that need to be sent out to publishers. You will be given all the details you need, such as who to send the payment to, and what method of payment they chose and address details.
  • Network Status - If you ever need to let your website users know of any important news, you can use this feature, and leave a message and it will be displayed on the websites homepage.
  • Pay Rates - This features allows you to set your websites default pay rate. The pay rate means, for every text ad sold you can specify how much of the revenue goes to the publisher. You can also set individual accounts with different rates.
  • Website Users - This feature allows you to have control over your websites users. From here you can delete or suspend accounts. You can also view account details and edit them if needed.
  • Add User Balance - This feature allows you to credit accounts with any amount of money.
  • Payment Gateways - This script has three payment gateways built into the script, so that you can allow advertisers to pay for their ads. The payment gateways include, Paypal, 2checkout.com and Protx.com.


MySQL (version 4 or higher)
PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)




Product Demo


Admin Demo (Username: admin, Password: admin)

*(Some functions in the admin are disabled)


Member Login (Username: demo, Password: demo)


Main Page Demo



Order Now

Cost: US$200 Item: Text Ads Enterprise (Single license + 1 year updates)

*Free with Purchase of Video Share or E-friends