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Web CMS Community Software Pro

Run your very own TV show and Movie Community website

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What exactly is Web CMS Community Pro?

Web CMS Community Software is a unique PHP Content Management Software that allows you to run your very own video direct download community. It's more than just a directory of links to television shows, movies, anime but rather a media-centric wiki built on user-generated content where your users in your TV community site can provide direct download or streaming links to these video content. In short, Web CMS Pro allows you to run your own video sharing community site for TV shows and Movies offering users instant access to direct download or streaming links for these media.


Each TV show or movie for example gets its own separate page which is editable by your users who post these video links. TV show favorites like CSI, Desperate Housewives, Heros and Lost are among the several TV shows your users can find along with download links to movie.  Whether you are running a TV show site, Anime fan site or even an online movie community, Web CMS Pro is your perfect solution to start your own TV show community site.

Tradition media is dead

Is the traditional media dead? Yes and No. People still rely on television including free-to-air as a source of entertainment but we have seen declining TV viewership. As more users are getting to the internet for their daily source of videos, movies and TV shows for the simple fact that they can obtain media content anytime they want and even for shows that they do not have access to on TV, it is not hard to see why running a TV show portal offering readily available content for TV shows, Movies and Anime is profitable in the long run.

Leverage on user-generated content to build your web revenue

The core difference between a regular Anime fan site or a TV show/Movie community is that Web CMS Community software is built with an entirely different concept, leveraging on social media based on user-generated content by having your users to provide the direct download or streaming links for the TV shows or Movies. Running a site like VidLoft requires high maintenance as the media listings are often posted by the site owner. With Web CMS Community Pro, running a TV show or Movie sharing community is made simple at an affordable price.

This is exactly why our Web CMS Community software stands out from the tons of TV shows or movie websites since the media resources are contributed by users rather than the site admin alone resulting in low site maintenance (doing less dirty work) and having your users update your site daily with resources 24/7.  

"Get more bonuses with a purchase of Web CMS Community Pro"

Readily available media content to jump start your TV show CMS site 

Not knowing where to find your own video content for your TV show community? Fear not! With each purchase of our Web CMS Community Software we will include a bonus pack containing resources where you can get up-to-date direct download links of the wide variety TV shows and movies which you can add into your site.

5 min tutorial to optimize your TV show portal and boost your revenue easily by over 300% or more!

Relying purely on static banner ads will not bring you tons of revenues; well unless you are operating a high-traffic TV show website. In fact most of these sites are getting about an average of $0.50 eCPM ($0.50 for every 1000 impressions). Think of how much traffic you need to obtain to get a significant revenue!

Working smart is the key emphasis and as part of the bonus pack, this tutorial will teach you several ways to optimize your TV show site and by applying mix advertising strategy, your site's revenue can easily increase to over $20 eCPM from a mere $0.50 eCPM!

Lastly the tutorial will also provide site owners with ways to attract targeted traffic where you get genuine visitors coming to your site to download TV shows/videos and in turn convert these visitors to cash.

While we do not guarantee any earnings but what we can offer through our step-by-step tutorial is that your earnings can potentially increase by over 3x easily or more if you follow our guidelines. 

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Web CMS Community Features

General Features

· Multi-language support: Ability to create any languages for your TV show or Anime fan site

· AJAX Driven: Web CMS Pro is powered by PHP and AJAX allowing easy user interaction and navigation of your TV cms portal

· Template-driven: Web CMS Pro allows you to easily integrate your design into our cms portal site to have your own unique layout

· SEO-friendly pages for each TV episode listing

Member Features

· Member registration and email account activation

· Show user profile and the display the shows uploaded by the user

· Tag cloud display of all the TV shows and episodes

· Display top 10 media uploaders

· Show last TV shows added

· Show popular TV shows (filter by 24hours, 30 days and 1 year )

· Search engine for TV show search

· Site stats with total users, TV shows, number of episodes and links

· Graphical stats showing top contributors, top TV shows and website links

· Ability to browse media listings and sort by season, episode and post date

· Members can add/edit/delete links for TV episodes

· TV episode listing page with direct download/streaming links and TV show details  [Demo]

Admin Features

· Change admin password

· Ability to manage TV shows and categories

· Ability to manage member media postings

· Ability to activate/deactivate member account

· Sort by username, email or creation date 

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Product Requirements

 MySQL (version 4/5 or higher)
 PHP (version 4.2.3/5 or higher)

Pricing and Product Info

  • Cost (single license): $99
  • Or buy at 87% OFF
  • Language: PHP
  • Platform: Unix / Linux / Win NT
  • Last Update: Mar 06, 2016
  • Current Version: 1.53

    •  100% Source Codes
       Lifetime License
       Free 1 Year Updates
       Free Copyright Removal

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Test Drive Web CMS Commnuity

Admin Demo (User: admin, Password: admin)
*Some functions are disabled in the demo

User Demo (Username: testtest Password: testtest)

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